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About SpringBoard-Healthcare
Here is just a little about SpringBoard- Healthcare and its Directors who set the aims and ethics of the company
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Lynn Mohan is known for putting people at their ease - very important if they are to get the most out of their training. Lynn’s belief, in not settling for second best, makes her a marvellous person to have in your corner. Based in County Durham, Lynn covers most of the North East venues as well as covering the whole of the UK.
Keith Humphreys can trace his training experience back more than 30 years. Like Lynn, Keith shares the belief that each training course should be unique - the needs and the experience of the delegates on each course is different - so should be the training. Now living in North Wales, Keith’s main area is the North West but also covers the UK.
Lynn Mohan -Director of SpringBoard-Healthcare Keith Humphreys-Director of SpringBoard-Healthcare
SpringBoard-Healthcare delivers health care training in a number of different ways; Train-the-Trainer and Direct to Carer. More recently they have also developed a range of Trainer Manuals for sale. Because of the values and beliefs of the SpringBoard’s two Directors the company health care training courses will never stand still. While other company’s are happy to deliver their same old courses in a time honoured manner, SpringBoard Healthcare regularly update both the course material and the methods of training
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